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Manhattan Helicopters Introduces Quiet Cruise Technology to New York

New York, NY – Manhattan Helicopters announces the purchase of a new advanced, state-of-the-art turbine helicopter to their fleet, the Bell Helicopter 407GX. Itai Shoshani, the owner and Chief Pilot of Manhattan Helicopters and Zip Aviation, opted for the 407GX and its Quiet Cruise technology to fly neighborly in the New York City area. As part of the Fly Neighborly program, Manhattan Helicopters has aimed to keep New York residents happy since 2004. By staying proactive, Manhattan Helicopters and Zip Aviation have received the fewest noise complaints from Manhattan residents.

The 407GX Quiet Cruise Kit significantly decreases the external noise signature of the aircraft resulting in reduction of decibels reaching the human ear. Manhattan Helicopters and Zip Aviation are the first helicopter companies in New York to operate a 407GX for tours, charters, and other services. Passengers can also enjoy the added safety features of the 407GX, including a Garmin G1000 Flight Deck which allows the pilots to see all their instruments on one glass panel, all traffic in the New York area as well as all weather, navigational aids, and radio frequencies.

As part of the Fly Neighborly Program, the Eastern Regional Helicopter Council identifies noise sensitive areas within the region and gauges the helicopter industry’s performance with existing, voluntary noise abatement procedures. The Fly Neighborly program encourages pilots to fly as high in altitude as operational regulations and weather conditions permit. The 407GX Quiet Cruise Kit will allow pilots to fly standard routes without the worry. Manhattan Helicopter’s addition of the 407GX reflects conscious decision-making and consideration of residents.

“Our priorities are passenger safety and our community,” stated Shoshani. “We are proud to operate a fleet of Bell Helicopters and thankful they offer this new advanced technology. It shows they care about our communities and are pioneers in the helicopter industry.”

Other operational features included in the 407GX are maximum internal gross weights, high main rotor clearance (8ft), excellent hover performance, powerful FADEC-controlled engine, and comfortable seating for seven. Blade fold capability, cargo hook, OEM kits, and customizing offerings make this aircraft ready for a variety of missions.

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